ZYTO Scan Review


ZYTO Scan Review

ZYTO Scan & Treatment Reviews: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Are ZYTO scans useful? Do ZYTO treatments work? Here we independently review ZYTO – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Bioset, EAV, EDS, AMA, & ASYRA are also compared to ZYTO. Included are tips for interpreting scan results and finding a good practitioner. Our ZYTO opinions and experiences are based on approximately 61 ZYTO scans and treatments over 4 years on our family of four. We do not work, receive commission, or referral links for ZYTO or any of the other products referenced on this site.

Ok, let’s get started. For those who like to skip around, here is an outline of the content:
Overview of Our History with Biocommuncation Devices
Bioset, EAV, AMA & ASYRA Reviews

ZYTO Scan: The Good

ZYTO Scan: The Bad

ZYTO Scan: The Ugly

How to Find a Good ZYTO Practitioner

Interpreting ZYTO Scan Results




Overview of Our History with Biocommunication Devices

Biocommunication refers to the general category of computerized devices that ‘scan’ and ‘treat’ the body. One practitioner called the computer software and associated devices ASYRA and Bioset, the other practitioner had a completely different setup and referred to it as Bioset. Dr. Simon Yu MD also does a ZYTO scan during intake in his practice, but he complains that it is not very accurate. He prefers Acupuncture Meridian Assessment (AMA) [1]. Note that ZYTO scans, ASYRA, and AMA are not FDA approved as medical devices. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful!


We started using biocommunication practitioners because we heard that they might be able to help us with allergies. Our experience with the first two Bioset and ASYRA practitioners was mixed, and it was hard for me to tell if any of the treatments were helping or not…. Until one Bioset practitioner treated my oldest daughter for sugar allergies and she turned into a monster. The details can be found on Yelp. Suffice it to say that a ZYTO practitioner was able to undo the monster. Immediately. It was then that I realized that biocommunication actually does something. I also learned that we don’t fully understand how it works. It seemed essential to find a good practitioner.


Overall our experience with ZYTO has been quite positive. However, there are things that ZYTO is good at and things that it isn’t so good at. ZYTO scans these days can include more than just allergies, and it can be confusing what’s real and what’s not real, what’s accurate and what’s not accurate. It has taken me many years to discern what information is useful from a ZYTO scan. What in the world can be expected from ZYTO energetic treatments? This information summarizes our family’s four years of experience as ZYTO patients. We typically went to our ZYTO practitioner about once every 4-6 weeks during this time. We went more often if we had any symptoms. Our opinions are based on a total of about 61 ZYTO scans and treatments, which is about $9,000 in practitioner bills.



Bioset, EAV, AMA & ASYRA Reviews

Bioset, EAV, AMA and ASYRA are older biocommunication feedback devices. We have tried them all, over multiple years and multiple practitioners. Some of them we also learned to do at home! The following sections give a brief summary of the strengths and weaknesses of each technology.


Bioset varies a lot by practitioner. I have seen it done completely by a machine and sometimes partially with a practitioner involved in the treatment. Some practitioners use little physical glass vials of ‘stressors’, some use only a computer model of the stressors. Bioset is good at treating allergies if the correct stressor can be found and if the drainage pathways are open.

Bioset Summary
Great at treating allergies, if the correct allergen/stressor is found in the database.If drainage and detox pathways aren’t open, allergy treatments can create a herx reaction. Good practitioners will check drainage and detox before treating allergies.
 Traditional bioset typically doesn’t have very large databases of stressors or treatments.
 Does not find the root cause of problems.
 Typically can only treat a few allergies at a time.
 Results are highly practitioner dependent.



EAV was one of the first biocommunication feedback devices developed. It is often also called EDS. Dr. Simon Yu has a simplified, modified version of EAV called AMA. These techniques have the strength of being able to find the root causes of many health symptoms.

EAV, EDS & AMA Summary
Can find hidden dental infections. Finding hidden dental infections is a big deal. They are the root cause of many symptoms. I prefer my methods of finding hidden dental infections, but being able to confirm with a practitioner is great!Results are highly practitioner dependent. Practitioners must find exact points on the hands and feet. It takes a lot of patience and training to get consistent results.
Cheap to do at home by hand with a voltmeter and supplements or medications that you may already have. However, it takes a lot of practice to learn how to do it consistently.Practitioners that try to balance meridians with herbal, homeopathic, and nutritional products is missing the strength of these devices. Once the patient goes off of these supplements, symptoms will eventually return. Find a practitioner who understands root causes, not one who understands how to cover up symptoms.



ASYRA is technically also a form of EAV. However, it’s strengths and weaknesses are different enough to warrant a separate section.

ASYRA Summary
Great at finding Lyme disease and co-infections! ASYRA can often diagnose Lyme when other methods fail. ASYRA is good at finding Lyme when other infections or stressors are dominant. (Other technologies will often find the dominant stressors but not the Lyme. Often, the more dominant stressors wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for the Lyme.) Better Health Guy was diagnosed with ASYRA. It is the cheapest and easiest way to diagnose Lyme and co-infections. I have yet to see ASYRA be wrong.ASYRA treatments don’t seem to be very effective. Although good at diagnostics, ASYRA treatments in general don’t seem to do much.
Great at finding parasites. It found worms and flukes in our family long before we finally figured out how to excrete them. ASYRA was right!No supplements database. This is a big negative for our family. We want quick answers to questions like: Do we need to take more methylation supplements? Is this brand of Vitamin C or that brand better? Do we need any extra minerals while chelating? We also like to be able to scan in our own supplements. ASYRA doesn’t have this capability.
Relatively practitioner independent.
ASYRA treatments can help diagnose drainage issues. However, this is only true if you have a practitioner who understands drainage.



ZYTO Scan: The Good

ZYTO scans are very good at some things. In my experience, ZYTO is great at:

  1. Clearing Environmental Allergies – I used to be allergic to grass, and had to shut all windows before my husband mowed the grass. Now I mow the grass myself and love sitting in the grass. My seasonal springtime tree & pollen allergies are gone as well. My allergies came back every year until I healed my leaky gut. More and more research is pointing to the gut as the root cause of allergies [2, 3]. My ZYTO allergy clearings started permanently lasting after I healed my leaky gut and ate a diet conducive to keeping the gut healthy.
  2. Opening Detox & Drainage Pathways – ZYTO is great at opening up drainage and detox pathways. If we’re having a Herxheimer reaction that I can’t figure out, then I go to ZYTO. Headaches and bad moods can sometimes be detox pathway issues as well.
  3. Methylation – ZYTO can help with methylation. ZYTO is often better than methylation supplements. What?!? It’s amazing that ZYTO can help get the body methylating. I have found that the methylation cycle can break at many different points in the chain. The broken point can vary over time. If we start a round of chelation, for example, our methylation cycle might break at a different point. Our ZYTO practitioner has all the Yasko items, e.g. RNA foods, in their database as energetic treatments. We haven’t had a methylation problem or disaster since we started working on methylation with ZYTO. We have also significantly reduced our dependence on methylation supplements. This might be because of the ZYTO treatments, or it might also have something to do with our work on parasites. I can’t say for sure.
  4. Monitoring & Fixing Detox Organ Functions before they break, especially the liver & kidney. This is related to #2. ZYTO can catch and fix issues before they become problems that cause symptoms.
  5. Mineral & Vitamin Deficiencies – ZYTO often finds our vitamin & mineral deficiencies before they become an issue. This is especially useful to monitor during chelation. ZYTO scans can show that chelating agents are pulling out vital nutrients instead of metals and toxins. Then one knows it is time to take a break and let metals re-distribute. Some examples of mineral and vitamin issues found in ZYTO scans are: Needs more Vitamin C, Needs more Vitamin D, needs selenium, needs molybdenum, need to back off on magnesium, etc.
  6. Ranking Supplements – This is the most useful part of a ZYTO scan for us. ZYTO can scan in supplements, and then test them against the scanned stressors. You can create your own database of supplements and remedies. In our case, we have all of our medications, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and homeopathics scanned into ZYTO. This helps me determine what supplements we need or no longer need. The ‘supplement’ topics that ZYTO is good at include the following:
    • Methylation supplements
    • Drainage remedies
    • Detoxification binders
    • Acute viral & bacterial infection supplements
    • Mineral & Vitamins

    What top 3 drainage remedies do our bodies need? What binder is best for our chelation at this point in time? ZYTO saves me from having to test by hand the 100s of items that I already have in my home. Even though I might find that something is testing well, ZYTO can almost always find something that is even better. This saves me a significant amount of time testing 100s of items by hand on each member of my family. I also save a lot of money because we don’t have to necessarily buy new supplements after every ZYTO appointment. ZYTO will rank what we already have on hand!

  7. Acute Viral & Bacterial Exposures – Acute viral and bacterial exposures that are causing symptoms will often show up as high stressors on a ZYTO scan. This is quite useful, because if they are high stressors, then the balancers will indicate what will work against that virus or bacteria. This is extremely useful if you’re coming down with a cold. ZYTO energetic treatments can sometimes be of use in this case, but I find the suggested Balancers (supplements, herbs, homeopathics, etc) much more useful. This doesn’t mean that ZYTO has found the root cause of why one became sick in the first place.
  8. Test New Medications – I also use ZYTO to scan and test new medications (especially prescription meds) before I try them on myself or my children.



ZYTO Scan: The Bad

ZYTO is not perfect. Specifically I do not rely on ZYTO for the following:

  1. Chasing Gut Bacteria – Sometimes I feel like ZYTO is chasing bacteria around. I take a ZYTO-recommended supplement to get rid of some specific bacteria, only to have another one pop up next time I scan. ZYTO isn’t good at bigger picture items, like fixing leaky gut and recolonizing the gastrointestinal tract. I try to use ZYTO to help with these ‘bigger picture’ items. This includes things like what I need to change in my diet, probiotics that might be helpful, and more broad spectrum supplements that go after the GI bacteria (eg Grapefruit seed extract, Berberine, Caprylic Acid, etc). Healing leaky gut is a long-term process, so I if I have gut issues, I will work on them at home (more details at healing leaky gut). I won’t go back to have a ZYTO scan again until 4-6 weeks at the earliest to see if things are starting to clear up.
  2. Chasing Food Allergies Around – When we had leaky gut and dysbiosis in our GI tract, we were coming up on all sorts of food allergies. It seemed like ZYTO was coming up with allergies on the foods that we had recently eaten before the scan. It felt like we were chasing around food allergies, and like we were allergic to everything we ate. Really we needed to focus on fixing the GI problem, but that wasn’t clear from the ZYTO scan. ZYTO can treat food allergies, but they will reappear if the GI issues aren’t fixed. Healing leaky gut is not well understood, so check out that section of this site to make sure all bases are covered.
  3. Probiotics – ZYTO might suggest a probiotic to increase the amount of beneficial bacteria. Sounds great so far. The problem is that ZYTO can’t see into the future. This probiotic might also feed dysbiotic bacteria, and ZYTO doesn’t predict that. The probiotic may also feed parasites, and ZYTO won’t predict that either. I am very wary of any probiotic supplements that have FOS or inulin, even if they are testing well on a ZYTO scan. I’ve found that after taking probiotics with FOS or inulin, we often have a nasty flare-up of Lyme and/or gastrointestinal (GI) issues. Our family has learned this one the hard way.
  4. Parasites – Parasites are often a root cause of health problems. However, in ZYTO scans, they tend to be buried under all sorts of other viral, yeast, mold & bacterial infections. Sometimes it’s like peeling an onion – if you work on some of these higher stressors then the parasites may show up. Sometimes still not. If parasites don’t show up as high stressors on ZYTO, I would not assume that they are not present. I would also not assume that they aren’t a root cause of the symptoms. The danger is that you might be spending time and money chasing around various bacteria and viruses that ZYTO shows are stressing the system. In actuality, the reason these things are there might be because of a parasitic infection. ZYTO won’t tell you that.
  5. Hidden Dental Infections – These also don’t show up on a ZYTO scan. If a child is growing or you just had major cavitation surgery, then teeth will sometimes show up as a stressor. Even then they often do not show up at a very high level. Dental infections are also root causes of many symptoms. The danger is that you might be spending time and money chasing around various bacteria and viruses that ZYTO shows are stressing the system. In actuality, the reason these things are there might be because of a hidden dental infection. Sometimes I can get an idea about dental infections by looking for things like Adrenal problems coming up.
  6. Lyme disease – Similar to parasites and dental infections, sometimes Lyme shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. Lyme is especially good at taking out the immune system. This clears the way for other viruses, bacteria and yeast to flare up. These secondary infections are usually the ones that will show up on a ZYTO scan. If Lyme doesn’t show up on ZYTO, I wouldn’t assume that I don’t have it if it. I have found, however, that if Lyme and co-infections do show up on ZYTO, then they are present. My opinion is that ASYRA is the gold standard for biocommunication Lyme testing.
  7. Antibiotics & Medications – Again here, ZYTO can’t see into the future. It may show that a specific antibiotic is testing favorably against the big stressors. However, the antibiotic itself can cause other problems, e.g. gastrointestinal dysbiosis and candida flare-ups. ZYTO can’t see this future effect of the antibiotic until the body is at that point. At this point, the antibiotic will no longer test as beneficial.
  8. Supplement Dosing – I find dosing more accurate with my home testing than I do the dosing function on ZYTO. A video example can be found here.
  9. Laser – I just heard that ZYTO has discontinued their laser. The laser treatments are the ones that were most effective for us, specifically for treating allergies.


ZYTO Scan: The Ugly

We’ve also had a couple of ugly incidents with ZYTO:

  • ZYTO does not test Balancers in combinations. The ZYTO Balancer scan is meant to quantify how effective various things are in treating the items that appear as stressors on the scan. These ‘various things’ include supplements, prescription medications, vitamins, chelators, binders, drainage remedies, etc. These are all tested individually, not in combinations. This becomes especially important when combining prescription medications like parasite medications. Parasite medications might test well individually. However, in combinations they might not test well, because they can overload the liver and kidneys. I typically test combinations of medications of concern by hand. Here is an example video of combination testing.
  • Most of the things on the ZYTO scan I don’t understand. I could spend all day Googling for details. I can make myself crazy and paranoid very quickly!! I finally realized that even ‘normal, healthy’ people have all kinds of scary sounding infections that come up on ZYTO. Are they real? Maybe. Who knows. Our immune systems, if functioning well, actually fight off an amazing number of things in the ‘background.’
  • Polio came up on my child’s ZYTO scan two months in a row. Talk about scary. Then the polio was mysteriously gone. I’m honestly not sure – maybe she got exposed to polio somewhere and her body was detoxing it. Lyme is similar to polio – maybe her Lyme was dying off in such a way that it looked like polio to the computer? Don’t know.
  • Pneumonia came up high for me once as a stressor, and I had absolutely no symptoms. This was also scary – was I exposed to pneumonia or was I about to come down with it? Who knows.
  • A good ZYTO practitioner is essential. Otherwise things can get ugly rather quickly. ZYTO is capable of closing or overloading detoxification and drainage pathways, just like it is capable of opening them. Our direct experience with this is detailed in the Overview.

I’ve learned to take ZYTO scans with a grain of salt. The technology & software have improved an incredible amount since we started using it four years ago. However, it sometimes still produces inaccurate or seemingly random results. I don’t take the accuracy of the numbers that seriously. If something is testing 10x or 100x better than everything else, then I start paying attention. I’m hoping the technology will continue to improve, and that the scans will become more accurate, useful, and easy to interpret with time.

How to Find a Good ZYTO Practitioner

I am of the opinion that it’s worth it to go to a ZYTO practitioner. A good ZYTO practitioner has ideas about what might be causing symptoms and can brainstorm stressors to scan and balancers to try. This is not always straightforward. It takes an experienced practitioner to make good ‘guesses’. ZYTO cannot scan for everything in it’s database. This would take too long to scan, and the biocommunication link seems to break down after about 100-200 items. I don’t understand the reason why the body stops communicating well after a few hundred items. However, I’ve heard this from a few practitioners, so I take it at face value.


A good ZYTO practitioner also checks and treats detoxification and drainage pathways. This is extremely important! For example, suppose one is getting a ZYTO energetic laser treatment for heavy metals. If the practitioner doesn’t check that the liver and kidney pathways are functioning properly, the results can be disastrous!


Another factor is cost. Depending on which code(s) the practitioner bills, ZYTO might be covered by insurance. We have generally gotten our PPO insurance to cover ZYTO. Ask the practitioner to try a few different codes to see which ones might be covered.


Here are my tips for finding a good ZYTO practitioner:


  • Make sure they do ZYTO treatments and not just scans.
  • They should be an acupuncturist, or be very familiar with acupuncture, drainage, and detox pathways. Otherwise they can turn you into a monster (see Overview!).
  • Check with other patients to see if they have had good results.
  • Make sure the practitioner can scan and test the medications or supplements that you have been taking or are thinking of taking.
  • I prefer going into an office to see the practitioner instead of having a virtual appointment. There are a couple of reasons. First, I usually have new supplements to scan into my database. Second, the laser in the office is more powerful than the home hand cradle laser. (They just discontinued their awesome laser, so this point might be mute going forward.) Third, depending on the treatment, sometimes the practitioner lasers directly into acupuncture points.



Interpreting ZYTO Scan Results

What useful information can be obtained from a ZYTO scan, and how do you obtain it? I’m still learning the answers to this question. The best I can do is summarize what I’ve learned in my four years of using ZYTO.

Every time I go to ZYTO, I get a scan of my database, which includes drainage remedies, detox items vitamins, medications, and other supplements that we have already. I usually get a full printout of these items, which ends up being quite a large document. It typically takes me about 45 minutes per person to ‘digest’ the information. It’s kind of like 45 minutes of homework. This includes updating our medication list, supplements list, drainage and detoxification remedies. I also consider if any ‘new’ balancers that my practitioner might have tried make sense to order.

Here are some guidelines I use to interpret ZYTO scan results:


  • Numbers – The ZYTO scan says all numbers should be taken as absolute values. I find that the negative numbers tend to be more chronic stressors. The positive numbers tend to be more acute stressors. The larger the number, the more stress it is placing on the body at that point in time.
  • Stressors – I take any ‘diseases’ or infections found on a ZYTO scan with a grain of salt. I interpret them as detoxing or passing through my body, not necessarily that I have that particular disease. Sometimes the stressors seem to be pretty accurate. Other times they seem inaccurate.
  • Drainage – I almost always use the top 2-3 drainage remedies that come up best on ZYTO. This is what I call ‘Disaster Prevention’. I usually apply 5 drops of each drainage remedy on the forearm or skin 2x/day. Sometimes I also take them orally. My experience is that the ZYTO drainage suggestions usually work pretty well.
  • Supplement/Medication adjustment – I search the ZYTO document for any supplements that we are currently taking. If they are testing less than -5.0, then I usually scratch them. If they are still testing greater than 5, then I usually keep taking them. If they are between 5 to -5 then I make a judgment call.
  • Additional Supplements / Medications – I sometimes add items that are testing the most positive to our regime. I don’t always add the most positive one(s). I add what makes sense to me. If something is testing at a very high number, I always give it consideration.
  • Probiotics – I am very wary of any probiotic supplements testing well on ZYTO. ZYTO has difficulty seeing into the future, and FOS or inulin contained in the probiotic are like eating sugar – they can feed good bacteria as well as bad bacteria.
  • Antibiotics – I am also wary of antibiotics that test well on a ZYTO scan. While that is interesting information, antibiotics can cause all kinds of other issues (candida flare-up, gastrointestinal dysbiosis). ZYTO can’t see into the future to see what other problems might be caused by the antibiotics.
  • Food allergies – If any food allergies come up for us on a ZYTO scan, then I ask the practitioner to look deeper for a bacterial or yeast infection. Avoiding certain foods is helpful, but it isn’t going to help with the root cause of the problem. I then focus on possibilities like tightening up diet, doing the stomach acid test, taking a stool test, and taking supplements for any dysbiotic organisms that appear in the stool test. All these details are in the healing leaky gut section. If things like ‘beef’ or ‘eggs’ show up as a stressor, this could be grain-fed beef or grain-fed eggs. Grassfed beef and grain-free eggs may actually test as beneficial.

Below are some example videos that show how I interpret ZYTO scan results. The first video also has an introduction that summarizes the information in this document.


ZYTO Scan Reviews & Results Interpretation Example #1 – The file discussed in this video is here: zyto-2015-02-23 16-06-soraya-luschas.


ZYTO Scan Reviews & Results Interpretation Example #2 – The file discussed in this video is here: zyto-2015-01-19 15-41-sabrina-luschas


ZYTO Scan Results: Interpretation Example #3 – The file discussed in this video is here: zyto-2014-04-30 16-27-susan-luschas




Q: Did you reverse your MTHFR (methylation) mutations with ZYTO?

A: No. We tried and failed. We all still have the genetic mutations. However, we appear to be methylating better with fewer supplements after ZYTO treatments.


Q: How often do you go to ZYTO?

A: We typically go to our ZYTO practitioner about once / month if we are working on a particular health issue (eg parasites, chelation, Lyme), otherwise 3-4 x per year for check-ups. ZYTO scan results can vary on a daily basis. I try to work on the ‘bigger picture’ issues that can be causing the ZYTO stressors. Bigger picture issues like gastrointestinal (GI) dysbiosis, heavy metal toxicity, parasites, etc. usually take on the order of months to fix, not weeks.


Q: We are in a very rural area and don’t have access to a well trained ZYTO practitioner. Is ZYTO something we could purchase and use to test products/find issues at home?

A: You can buy a ZYTO machine and do it yourself, but it’s a bit pricey. Pricing aside, I would recommend going to a good practitioner for ZYTO to see the maximum benefits. The machine doesn’t just run by itself. You have to understand the machine and put some thought power behind it.

Q: Can ASYRA, Bioset, EAV, EDS be done remotely?
A: Not to my knowledge.

Q: Do you have any insight/opinions/experience with the NES system?
A: I have never tried the NES Health system on my family. Why not? First off, I don’t like the fact that they are selling products. It makes me wonder if the results of the scan are real or just designed to sell their products. Second, you can’t scan in any of your own supplements. Figuring out which vitamins, minerals, drainage remedies, and detox remedies will work best is one of the main reasons we still do these energetic scans. Again, this makes me wonder if their scans are only designed to sell their products. As for the NES energetic treatments, I have yet to have an independent person tell me that they were helpful. I also know of one practitioner who used to use NES who has since switched to another technology.



[1] Simon Yu MD, “The Accidental Cure,” 2010.

[2] Kevin Jiang, “Gut bacteria that protect against food allergies identified,” August 2014.

[3] Minocha, Anil, “Is it Leaky Gut or Leaky Gut Syndrome: Clean Gut, Allergies, Fatty Liver, etc,” Jan 2015.



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