Vaccine Side Effect Solutions

Vaccine Side Effect Solutions
Not feeling well after vaccination? Learn what helped our family speed through side effects and get back to healthy living. This article summarizes our testing and which products worked the best for us. Note that this is a case study of our actual experience. Also note that I do not make any money, referral links, or commission off of any products mentioned in this article. Note also that serious side effects or adverse events as a result of vaccines should be reported to the government.
Our Experience with the DT Vaccine

Vaccine Side Effect Solution: Lifestyle, Drainage, Liver, Methylation, Detoxification

What Helped us the Most & How we Figured it Out

Details of What We Took on Days 1-3

Our Experience with the DT Vaccine

My husband, Manuel, ended up in urgent care with a very bloody dog bite to the knee. The bite didn’t bother him as much as the DTaP vaccine he got at urgent care. After Day 4, he had fatigue, headache, and was pale. I didn’t even think at the time that his body would need support in dealing with the vaccine! After testing, it turns out Manuel needed drainage remedies, 8 Activated Charcoal pills orally and 4 Activated Charcoal pills in an enema. Immediately after the enema, his symptoms reduced significantly. By Day 8, his symptoms were gone.
Unfortunately this neighbor’s biting dog wasn’t going away. I wanted the extra tetanus protection for myself and the children, in case we became the next victims. Last I researched, the tetanus vaccine is actually one of the safer and more effective vaccines [1]. I’m not going to get into a vaccine debate, this is my opinion. Hopefully everyone reading this article will do their own research and make their own decisions.
I figured it was better to pro-actively get myself and the two children a DT vaccine, instead of ending up with a DTaP in urgent care. My research indicated that the P vaccine is neither safe or effective, so I wanted to avoid that one if possible.
This time I tested myself and our children immediately after receiving the DT vaccine. I have documented what was most helpful in the next sections. I had symptoms for about 5 days, but all of my vaccine side effects were resolved by Day 8. My symptoms included fatigue, sore arm, headachy feeling, swollen lymph/thyoroid. The youngest oldest child showed fatigue and grumpiness. The oldest child was fatigued and peaked with mild autism symptoms around Day 3. Typically when autistic symptoms appear, she starts testing well on activated charcoal. Sure enough, she did, but let me not skip into the next section.

Vaccine Side Effect Solution: Lifestyle, Drainage, Liver, Methylation, Detoxification

Vaccine Side Effect Solution Pie Pieces
I’ve grouped support after vaccination into 5 different categories. Each person in our family needed more of one category or another.


Hopefully lifestyle issues like drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, sleeping enough and exercise are already in place. If not, after a vaccine they should definitely be dialed in. More details about my recommendations for diet and lifestyle can be found in the Diet section.


Drainage refers to opening pathways for toxins to drain. Everyone talks about detoxification but no one knows about drainage.
Vaccination injections are typically put into the arm. What is the clear pathway from the arm to elimination? I don’t know of any… The toxins from the injection can end up almost anywhere – in the blood, lymph system, stuck in layers of skin, etc. Drainage support helps open up all of these non-obvious pathways so toxins from the vaccine can be eliminated.
I have written details about how to open drainage pathways in the Chelation tab of this website. The surprising drainage remedy testing well on us after vaccination was Core Echina B. This particular remedy was never popular in our household until after vaccination. Let me not skip ahead though – more on that in the next section.

Liver Support

The liver can need extra support after vaccination. The liver is one of the primary organs that will ultimately excrete the vaccine. Any liver support or supplements that one already has might be enough. The ones testing best on our family were Redisorb Liposomal Glutathione (only available from a practitioner), Liposomal Vitamin C, Liver Chi, and Magnesium.

Methylation & B-Vitamins

Vaccination can throw off methylation and sometimes increase the need for B-Vitamins. This wasn’t obvious to me, but was recommended by the practitioner who gave us the vaccine. Sure enough, Stress B Complex was testing well on all of us after vaccination. Interestingly again, this is not a B-vitamin supplement that typically tests well on our family.


Detoxification refers to actively and physically pulling toxins out of the body after vaccination. The best detoxification testing well for us after vaccination was skin brushing and activated charcoal. For skin brushing, we use a technique similar to this video, where the technique is described beginning at minute 4:57.

What Helped us the Most & How We Figured it Out

Overall here are the items in each category that were testing the best. If I were to do it again, these are the things I would have in-stock and test first.

LifestyleDrainageLiver SupportMethylation / B vitaminsDetoxification
– Lots of water! 1.5L/person/day minimum

– Extra Sleep

– No Sugars in Diet

– Terrain Remedies
– Renelix
– Core Echina B
– Redisorb

– Liposomal Vitamin C

– Liver Chi

– Magnesium

– Stress B Complex – Skin Brushing

– Activated Charcoal (great in enema)

How did we figure this out? Below is a video showing how we test and figured this out. If you aren’t familiar with the details of our testing methods, check out the Overview video first. Note that I filmed this video about 30 hours after I got my vaccine. I was not feeling well. In the beginning of the video, I give a decent overview of this article.


Vaccine Side Effect Solution: Details of What We Took on Days 1-3

The table below lists the details of what each of our family members took after the DT vaccine. We all ended up with vaccine side effects, but they were all pretty much resolved within a week.

Products Testing Best on Our Family after DT Vaccine
 Day 1Day 3
Youngest Child (age 6)Neural Terrain, Renelix, Stress B Complex, Redisorb, Liposomal Vitamin C, Skin Brushing(same drainage remedies), Activated Charcoal, Magnesium
Oldest Child (age 9)Lung Terrain, Bladder Terrain, Adrenopath, Core Echina B, Methyl Guard Plus, Redisorb, Skin Brushing(mild autistic symptoms starting) Redisorb, Liver Chi, Activated Charcoal, Skin Brushing
Me – 41 year old femaleLymph Terrain, Colon Terrain, Bacteria Chord, Core Echina B, Redisorb, Stress B Complex, Chlorella, Skin Brushing 2x/dayRedisorb, Activated Charcoal, Stress B Complex, Magnesium, Skin Brushing 2x/day
Husband – 44 year old maleNot paying attention, didn’t test until he got headache & fatigue.(drainage remedies, can’t remember which ones…), Activated Charcoal (8 pills orally and 4 in enema)


Note that the drainage remedies were different for each person. One surprise was the Core Echina B. This drainage remedy doesn’t often test well on us, but wow it sure did after vaccination! Stress B Complex also hardly ever tests well on our family, but it sure was helpful after vaccination.
Skin brushing was testing well for us from day 1 on for the first week. Activated Charcoal typically tests well on our family when we are trying to detox anything. It didn’t disappoint with our vaccine side effects. Our experience is that charcoal works even faster in an enema.


No questions yet, ask away!


For those researching various vaccines, my favorite resource is:

[1] Dr. Aviva Romm “Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent’s Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives,” September 1, 2001.


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