Reverse Allergies and Asthma

Reversing Allergies & Asthma

Allergies and asthma are a symptoms of leaky gut. They are not a diagnosis. This means reversing allergies & asthma is possible! After many years of chasing various allergies around, here’s how I finally got rid of allergies:
Allergies & Asthma Are A Symptom, Not A Diagnosis
Reversing Allergies for Good


Allergies & Asthma Are A Symptom, Not A Diagnosis

Allergies and asthma are a symptom, not a diagnosis. A symptom? Yes, a symptom of leaky gut. After many years of chasing around and avoiding various allergens, I finally realized that I needed to heal my gut. The very good news is that symptoms of leaky gut (Allergies & Asthma) are reversible!


My parents and grandparents had bad allergies/asthma/hay fever. I always thought they were genetic, aren’t they? Yes and no. We get our gut flora from our parents, who got theirs from their grandparents. We also know that metals and toxins are passed along generations, with 2/3 of the mother’s body burden passing to the first born. Metals and toxins create an environment rife for gut dysbiosis. The human gut is tightly tied in to the functioning and response of the immune system [1,2,3]. So when we inherit gut flora, we usually also ‘inherit’ allergies. By clearing up our allergies (gut!) before we have kids, we are breaking the train of inheritance, guarding our descendants against immune dysfunction and allergies.


Let me clarify my personal history with allergies. My mother had asthma, hay fever, and seasonal allergies from the time she was a child. I remember times when she couldn’t breathe, and her asthma attacks were scary for me as a child. I had no allergies until my mid 20s, when I became highly allergic to spring. I could barely breathe through my nose, had to stay inside in air conditioning, and inhaled steam twice a day to keep things moving. I bought an air purifier to use at home with the windows SHUT. I thought allergies were genetic, there was surely no hope for reversing allergies! In my early 30s, our family finally tried ZYTO in an effort to debug our oldest child’s health issues that no one else could figure out. After my first ZYTO allergy treatment, I literally walked out of the office no longer sniffling at all! ZYTO was a real eye-opener for me – I learned that allergies are reversible.


Reversing Allergies for Good

There are two keys to permanently reversing allergies:

  1. Healing leaky gut and clearing up the stool test– A ‘clear’ stool test has a full colonization of beneficial bacteria and no dysbiotic bacteria. This also means that food is being properly digested, the gut has had time to heal, and the diet is supportive of a continued healthy bacteria balance. Healing leaky gut is neither obvious or well-understood, so check out that section of this site to make sure you have everything covered. Note that healing leaky gut is not necessary for temporarily reversing allergies, but it is necessary for permanently reversing allergies.

  2. Resetting the immune response to allergens via ZYTO, Bioset or an equivalent biocommunication device. Really? Do these energetic treatments really work? Believe it or not, allergies are where these energetic treatments can really shine. They were initially developed and marketed for reversing allergies, and they do it quite well. Some systems, specifically ZYTO and Bioset, may require multiple treatments from a skilled practitioner for fully reversing allergies. Often allergies do go away on their own by healing the gut or avoiding the allergen [4]. However, it is our experience that sometimes the immune system is still reacting to an allergen, even after the gut is healed and the stool test is clear. The energetic modalities can help reset the immune response to specific allergens. I typically found that I needed a couple of ZYTO treatments spaced about 1-2 weeks apart to fully reverse my allergy to spring. More of my observations about the strengths and weaknesses of ZYTO can be found in ZYTO Scan Reviews.

If item #2 is done without item #1, the body will eventually re-sensitize to the allergens. Before healing my gut, I needed about 4 ZYTO treatments every spring to be comfortable. Long-term retention of the allergy reversal requires healing the gut – and keeping it healed. Even if the gut isn’t healed, the allergy can be reversed temporarily to provide relief. How long before the allergy comes back depends on the state of the gut and the person. I have seen re-sensitization happen in as little as 1-2 months.


If allergies are cleared and then return, I go back to steps #1 and #2. If the gut reverts back quickly to a dysbiotic state, then I would check for parasites. Parasites love the digestive tract and can wreak havoc on a healthy gut lining and flora. Dr. Simon Yu MD has written a few articles on the connections between parasites and allergies here and here. Based on these articles, he would probably list parasites as #3 on the above list. Our experience is that we were able to clear up all allergies without addressing parasites. And believe me, wow, did we have parasites!!!



Q: My <skin,blood,insert test here> test showed that I’m allergic to dairy. Shouldn’t I avoid all dairy products?

A: Avoiding dairy and any other items that are specific triggers is a good idea until the gut is healed and the immune system response has been reset. It is possible to resent the immune response to dairy by avoiding it, but without healing the gut, the immune system will likely re-sensitize to diary once it is consumed again.


Q: What about anaphylaxis?

A: I would start by fixing the gut. Clear the stool test, the whole nine yards, getting sugars completely out of the diet. Then I would seek help from a ZYTO, Bioset or equivalent practitioner.


Q: I have colitis, what would you recommend?

A: Colitis symptoms (bleeding, diarrhea, abdominal pain) are typical of gastrointestinal dysbiosis, or leaky gut. Colitis gives them a fancy name. I recommend healing the gut.



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