Phimosis Cure Without Surgery

Phimosis Cure Without Surgery

We successfully came up with a new phimosis cure without using surgical intervention. The phimosis treatment was done at home using a protocol that involved anti-microbials, ozone and phimosis cream. In case you want to skip around, here is an outline of the details of our phimosis cure:

Our Story

Phimosis Cure Without Surgery





I’m not going to try to beat Wikipedia in defining phimosis. Phimosis is included in Debug Your Health because we’ve not only lived through it, but we’ve successfully and quickly treated phimosis. Our phimosis cure is new, unknown to urologists, and no where to be found on the web (at least as far as we know!). This phimosis cure is a case study; our solution has not been put to clinical trial.


A urologist suggested we publish this information in one of their conferences or journals, but can you imagine anything worse than attending a urology conference?!?! I can’t. We want our solution to help people, not be locked away with copyrights in some journal somewhere.


Our Story

Let me back up a few steps and explain. My husband’s phimosis first appeared after Tooth #9 was extracted and a DMPS IV was administered in April 2014. The DMPS IV was for heavy metal toxicity, to help his body excrete the metals. This was when the phimosis started. We didn’t make any connection between the phimosis and the tooth extraction or DMPS IV. The phimosis wasn’t too bad, and it slowly improved with gentle stretching exercises.


A second DMPS IV was administered August 2014, and subsequently the phimosis significantly worsened. The phimotic ring was white, raised, tight, painful and only opened to about 0.75 cm diameter. The penis tip itself was also starting to become red and irritated. He was in a lot of pain. Although he could still urinate, he could not retract the foreskin. Not even close.


We went to two top urologists in the San Francisco Bay Area. They both said that sometimes a steroid cream can cure phimosis. Why? They both admitted that they didn’t know. They recommended trying the steroid cream first. If that didn’t work, they would either cut the foreskin, or circumcise him. He had a few different cutting options to choose from. Great. Obviously none of those sounded like fun options, so we tried to find our own phimosis cure.


Phimosis Cure Without Surgery

Initially my husband didn’t communicate the phimosis to me. He looked on the internet and thought Lichen sclerosus (LS) was a fungal infection, and self-treated with tea tree oil. The condition did not improve. I tested him on the tea tree oil and it was not testing as beneficial.


Not knowing anything about phimosis treatment, I had to consult Dr. Google. I found a study linking LS to Borrelia burgdorferi [1] and started testing antimicrobials for Borrelia. Since we already knew he had Lyme, we had several antimicrobials already at home. We had no idea that Lyme can cause phimosis.


Here is a list of things I tested once I was suspicious that Borrelia was causing the phimosis:


  • Cowden anti-microbials, specifically Banderol, Samento, Cumanda, Houttonyia, Enula, Cumanda. Generally we have found that for Borrelia flare-ups, Banderol tests well. Sure enough, Banderol tested the best on him.
  • Ozone – We know that ozone kills everything, and leaves oxygen behind. Ozone is good at killing infections period, if you can get the ozone to the location of the infection.
  • Antibiotics – We had some antibiotics for acute Lyme, so why not test them too? There isn’t much blood flow in the foreskin, so I knew oral antibiotics probably wouldn’t make it to the infection. My idea was to crush the antibiotics in water and apply them topically like a paste to the area.
  • Steroid Phimosis Cream – RX Prescribed by two top urologists in the SF Bay Area. They said the steroid phimosis cream is the only hope for a non-surgical phimosis cure.

Interestingly, the ozone and Banderol initially tested the best. The antibiotics and steroid phimosis cream did not test as being beneficial. I re-tested after a few days, at which point the Enula and ozone started testing the best.
The following video gives an overview of the phimosis cure presented in detail in the next sections.


Phimosis Treatment Plan

Here is the summary of his phimosis cure:

Day #TreatmentClinical Starting PointClinical Ending Point
1-3‘Bag’ ozone treatment* 15 minutes 2x/day, followed by topical application of undiluted Banderol – enough to cover the phimotic ringRaised white puffy phimotic ring. Cannot retract foreskin. Red, swollen penis tip. Painful.Pain gone by Day 2.
3ZYTO energetic treatment for kidney, urea cycle, and drainage.It is unclear to me if this is really necessary or not.***No changes noted.
4-11‘Bag’ ozone treatment* 15 minutes 2x/day, followed by topical application of undiluted Enula – enough to cover the phimotic ringStill has raised white puffy phimotic ring. Cannot retract foreskin. Penis tip still a little red but not painful.White phimotic ring gone. Skin is now pink and normal. Foreskin opening about 0.75cm. Penis tip no longer red, looks normal.
12-15‘Bag’ ozone treatment* 15 minutes 2x/day followed by topical application of Calendula Oil. Foreskin stretching** for a few minutes after application of Calendula oil.Foreskin pink and healthy looking, but only opening about 0.75cm. Penis tip normal.Foreskin can be retracted – opening about 2.5cm. Still a bit tight, but no more pain and totally functional!

* ‘Bag’ ozone treatment consisted of a Ziploc bag with a hole cut in one side of the bottom to insert the penis and foreskin. The top ziplock was sealed around the tube of the ozonator.

** Foreskin stretching – Gently stretching and pulling the foreskin in an outward and downward direction. Gently; not to the point of pain.

*** It is unclear to me if the ZYTO treatment was really necessary or not. We did it because his phimosis seemed to come after a DMPS IV treatment. DMPS is a heavy metal chelator. The phimosis may have been caused by bacterial and viral flare-ups from all the metals coming out. It seemed important to make sure he was detoxing and draining the metals properly to prevent the phimosis from getting worse.



Phimosis Cream – Which is The Best?

Since the urologists didn’t understand why steroid phimosis cream helps, we wanted to figure out if that really was the best option. So we tested various items we had around the house that could possibly be used as a phimosis cream. The foreskin was normal-pink looking at this point (Day 12). Could a natural oil or vitamin help stretch the foreskin better than steroid phimosis cream? Below is a rank order list of the items tested, from best to worst (reminder: We don’t get any money back from these products in any way. Our recommendations are completely independent):


  • Calendula oil – Testing best
  • Jojoba oil
  • Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP 0.05% (RX steroid cream)
  • Coconut oil
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Castor Oil – Testing worst

So he never used the RX steroid phimosis cream that the urologists prescribed. Only Calendula oil.


Phimosis Treatment Plan – How We Figured It Out

Now the question is, how did I ‘test’ and figure out this treatment plan? All cases of phimosis might not be the same, so we want to share not only the solution, but how we came up with it. Unfortunately I didn’t take live videos as we went through this process. We did do a ‘re-enactment’ video which describes in detail how we tested and debugged his phimosis. If these debugging techniques are new, check out the Overview Video first.




Q: How did you ‘test’ the ozone?

A: I turned the ozonator on just long enough to get some gas in the tube. The tube was placed on or near the penis (we tested with pants on – that’s fine). The example video above hopefully makes this clear.
Q: Isn’t ozone harmful to breathe? Doesn’t it damage the lungs?

A: Ozone is toxic. It kills everything. It is very good at killing infections / spirochete bacteria. There are some people who drink ozone water. Personally I don’t think this is a good idea, since it kills even good bacteria that are helping you digest and assimilate nutrients.
However, our family has all swished with ozone water for several days after all of our dental surgeries (5 surgeries for me – 2 cavitation and 3 frenectomy, 1 for my husband -root canal extraction, 2 for oldest child -frenectomy & baby tooth pull, 3 for youngest child -frenectomies).
As for inhaling ozone, ozone is actually in small quantities in the air we breathe anyway. It’s a question of quantity in my mind. Ozone can cause lung scarring and irritation, but you have to inhale enough of it over a long period of time. I have actively inhaled ozone after my dental surgery that turned into a nasty sinus infection. Inhaling ozone is also great way to help with a nasty lung infection, for example. So in some cases, the benefits may outweigh the risk.
Clinically, I can say our family has used the ozone generator daily to wash raw vegetables for the last 5 years. This means we are spewing O3 into the air. I have noticed no problems. Personally, I’m much more worried about the high levels of aluminum we have in our air.



[1] Eisendle, K; Grabner, TG; Kutzner, H (2008). “Possible Role of Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Lato Infection in Lichen Sclerosus.” Br J Dermatol 144 (5): 591–598.


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