Gallstone Treatment Without Surgery

Gallstone Treatment Without Surgery

(a.k.a. Gallbladder Health = Our Health)

Why not first try a gallstone treatment without surgery? The gallbladder is essential to a healthy body, but it is often abused and misunderstood. Furthermore, doctors don’t realize those ‘gallstones’ might actually be parasites. Figuring out if this is the case, or not, could literally save you from a life of chronic illness. The good news is that gallstone treatment without surgery is relatively cheap, easy and can be done in the privacy of your own home.
Gallbladder Health = Our Health

Gallbladder Diet
Gallbladder Removal Surgery – What’s at Stake
Gallstone Treatment Without Surgery





Gallbladder Health = Our Health

Why am I writing about a small, unimportant organ like the gallbladder? Along our health journey, I gained deep respect for this small organ. Respect in terms of how essential the gallbladder is to a healthy body, and to how often it is mistreated.


I had no idea that I had a filthy gallbladder! It turns out that most of us do. They are full of stones, bile sludge, and often parasites. Yuk. I also had no idea that my gallbladder was so important to my health.


Our adventure with parasites forced me to realize the importance of gallbladder health. We went to see Dr. Simon Yu to help with parasites. Dr. Yu recommends a quarterly gallbladder liver flush, even for healthy people. He also strongly recommends flushing after every round of parasite medications (for adults only). After my first gallbladder liver flush, I couldn’t believe all the bile sludge and parasites that I excreted!! It was unbelievable. Shocking actually. I felt much, much better after the first gallbladder liver flush.


Lots of gallbladders are removed in the US. Doctors seem to underestimate their importance to the human body. The gallbladder stores bile that is used to help the body digest and absorb fats. Fats are important for our overall health, and especially hormone production. Typically, gallstone treatment without surgery isn’t even considered. Some doctors are even claiming that gallstone treatment without surgery isn’t possible.

I observe that many people missing gallbladders have symptoms that are consistent with parasites. I now have a theory that most MDs do not know the difference between gallstones and flukes (parasites). I believe many gallbladders are removed unnecessarily in the US, without really getting to the root cause of the problem. Parasites, if left untreated, can cause everything from cancer to chronic fatigue [2]. Quoting Dr. Simon Yu MD, “People with chronic, unexplained illnesses are most likely infected with a parasite [2].”



Gallbladder Diet

There is not much information out there about keeping the gallbladder healthy. Some advise staying away from bad fats, refined carbs, alcohol, and artificial ingredients. Lemons and beets are often recommended [1]. However, I for one already had many years of bad diet and lifestyle choices under my belt. Although these dietary changes may help prevent future gallbladder problems, what about those stones, bile sludge and parasites already lodged in my gallbladder? Is there a gallstone treatment without surgery?


Gallbladder Removal Surgery – What’s at Stake

Surgical removal of the gallbladder is a pretty common gallstone treatment these days. This is a big deal, and there is a lot to lose, so think twice. Here’s what’s on the line:

  • Bile, essential to digesting fat
  • Eyes
  • Foot
  • Hip
  • Spine – chronic chiropractic problems, specifically spinal segments T8, T9, T10
  • Back of knee
  • Ovaries, Testes
  • Teeth, specifically #11, #22, #6, #27

I always thought the gallbladder had a purely digestive function. I never knew it had something to do with the eyes, feet and spine. Dr. Simon Yu MD introduced me to the tooth-meridian chart, and I have found it to be remarkably accurate. I observe problems all along the meridian from friends who have had their gallbladders removed – some walk crooked, some have teary, red eyes, and others have chronic chiropractic problems. Not all people with gallbladders removed have all of these symptoms. Once I started paying attention, I was surprised to notice how often there were correlations.


Gallstone Treatment Without Surgery

Before considering gallbladder removal surgery, I would try a few things first. The good news is that these are relatively cheap, relatively easy and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Here is a rank-order list of what I would do before considering gallbladder surgery:

  1. Gallbladder Liver Flush
  2. Liver Massage
  3. Parasite Testing & Cleansing
  4. Stone Breaker
  5. Gallbladder Emotions

Will this gallstone treatment without surgery really work? Perhaps, perhaps not. I can’t guarantee anything. What I can say is – why not give it a try? Most of these items are relatively cheap and easy to do at home. And if parasites are found? Awesome. You definitely want to find those sooner rather than later. Cleaning up the gallbladder and liver to prevent future problems? Double bonus points!!


Gallbladder Liver Flush

Dr. Yu recommends doing a gallbladder liver flush four times a year for general health maintenance and prevention. Even for perfectly healthy people! They are also specifically recommended after rounds of parasite medications. Even if there are no acute symptoms, I have seen people feel better just from a gallbladder liver flush alone.


The best Gallbladder Liver Flush Program I’ve found is on Dr. Simon Yu MD’s website. Read these instructions first, and then my comments and modifications:

  1. I do not drink apple juice, instead I put the Phosfood in water. The apple juice will cause yeast to flare up and insulin spikes, even in otherwise healthy individuals. Our bodies simply weren’t meant to consume this amount of sugar, and I feel much better without it.
  2. Malic acid and the Phosfood can be ordered on Amazon.
  3. I also recommend adding Chanca Piedra (also from Amazon) at 2 droppers 2x/day for adults for the 3-4 days before drinking the olive oil. It is known as a ‘stone breaker’.
  4. I test to dose the Malic, Phosfood, and Chanca Piedra. On average, we need about twice the Malic and twice the Phosfood that is recommended by Dr. Yu. An example video is below. If you need an introduction to these techniques, check out the ‘Overview of Debugging Methods’ first.


  6. When Dr. Yu says eat very light meals, he means it. Given that my body has switched from metabolizing sugars to fats, I found it hard to eat ‘light meals’ and feel satisfied. I tried to cut down on protein and fat, but that meant a vegetable-only diet. (I don’t eat fruit or grains, more on that in the Best Diet for Health) section. I ended up eating some protein and fat anyway, and just lightened a little bit. I did excrete flukes (parasites), but I didn’t get any bile sludge or ‘greenies’ out. I only saw greenies come out when I did the gallbladder liver flush fasting. I fast for 3 days, drinking only bone broth with salt, salt & lemon water, sauerkraut or kimchi juice, and water. I also supplement with minerals orally. I sometimes also rub them on my legs, because sometimes I get muscle twitching while fasting. Supplement Testing and Dosing is another example video showing how we test to determine which supplements to take. We use the same process for determining the best mineral supplement. More great details about fasting in Mark’s article: Long Fasts: Worth the Risk?
  7. Drink the olive oil while in a sitting position. I am less nauseous that way and am able to drink more at once. I never drink Coke, but in this case mixing the Coke with the olive oil really does relieve nausea.
  8. If fasting, start eating again with small meals. I find that the stomach has shrunk and eating has to commence slowly back to full meals. The yeast and sugar-loving bacteria die-off is usually decent while fasting. I typically take a probiotic (one without FOS or inulin), eat fermented foods, and stay away from sugar after a fast. It’s nice to have a complete gut reset!

I dare you to check out the pictures of what can be excreted during a gallbladder liver flush. The white and cream colored are flukes (parasites), and the green ones are bile sludge, often called ‘greenies.’ They are both about the size of a kernel of corn. I was amazed by all the things coming out. Who knew all that was in there! And how did they even all fit in there? Parasites and greenies are usually excreted either during the night after drinking the olive oil, or the next morning. I feel very sick after drinking the olive oil, but usually feel better after starting to eat light meals the next day.


I read an argument that a gallbladder liver flush is dangerous because stones and parasites can become lodged in the bile ducts. I honestly don’t know if this is paranoia or real. I can say that Dr. Simon Yu MD has been recommending doing a gallbladder liver flush 4x/year for all his patients for decades. He claims that the apple juice and Ultra-Phos Liquid contained in his protocol prevent the lodging in bile duct problem. I haven’t heard of any real cases of stones, sludge or parasites getting stuck using his protocol. I can also say that our family has completed about 12 gallbladder liver flushes total and hasn’t had any problems.


Liver Massage

What does the liver have to do with the gallbladder? The two work together and are on the same meridian on the chart. Physically speaking, if there are stones, bile sludge, parasites or toxins in the gallbladder, how can they be easily excreted through the liver if the liver is also full of parasites and toxins?


Often toxins and parasites can be excreted simply by doing a manual liver massage. In my opinion, this should be part of our normal body maintenance schedule! After liver massage, it felt like a lot of toxins were released from the liver. I have no scientific data to prove that this is true. Dr. Klinghardt reports children excreting parasites from liver massage alone. I didn’t notice any parasites, but I had already been doing over a year of parasite medications when I started doing the massage. Liver massage during the gallbladder liver flush helped, well, get more things out.


Instructional videos for liver massage can be found here and here. Dr. Klinghardt recommends taking Chlorella a few hours before the massage to help bind and excrete the toxins. Wow, was he right about that! In addition to the Chlorella, I found activated charcoal was also needed.

The gallbladder liver flush and liver massage are the main components of gallstone treatment without surgery. What if they don’t work, and there is still pain and discomfort? Skip to Stone Breaker. And me? I’m not giving up. The gallbladder is worth fighting for.

Parasite Testing and Cleansing

I observe that people who have gallbladder removals tend to have symptoms that are consistent with parasites. I am of the opinion that parasites are commonly the root cause of gallbladder issues, and that ‘stones’ may actually be parasites. I have no scientific data to prove this (if enough people donate I might be able to prove it!). I now have a theory that most MDs do not know the difference between gallstones and liver flukes. Liver flukes are parasites that often reside in the gallbladder as well as the liver. They are very similar in appearance to stones.


Details about diagnosing and treating parasites can be found the Parasites in Humans section. In the case of gallstones or gallbladder pain, I would especially look for flukes. Gallbladder treatment without surgery might actually mean parasite cleansing.


Stone Breaker

What if stones are still present after clearing up parasites, liver massage, and a few gallbladder liver flushes? In this case, I would consider taking a longer round of an herbal stone breaker, like Chanca Piedra or Rompe Piedra. I would also test for taking malic acid with the stone breaker. Perhaps take them for a few weeks or months before trying another gallbladder liver flush.


I would test at home for the correct stone breaker dosage. I would keep testing once a week. The weeks before the next Gallbladder Liver Flush are a great time to take a stone breaker. Also check the dosing on the Malic Acid and Phosfood. I have done the gallbladder liver flush a couple of times with double or triple doses of the Malic and Phosfood. This is because they were testing at those doses, it may not be a general rule.


Here are videos demonstrating how I test stone breakers and how I dose them. If these techniques are new, check out the ‘Overview of Debugging Methods’ first.





Gallbladder Emotions (What the ?!?!)

A chiropractor found weakness in my gallbladder via his energy testing methods. He couldn’t clear it up with any of his normal ‘tricks’, so he tested some of the emotions that can cause gallbladder distress. Ideas of what emotions are connected to what organs and teeth can be found on this Tooth Organ Emotions Chart. Gallbladder emotions include anger, resentment, blaming, incapable to take action, and manipulative. He energy tested for these emotions. He found some resentment, and narrowed it down to the age of 13. What happened to me at age 13? Nothing special that I can remember, just normal teenage years.


He cleared this resentment using standard Bioset clearing techniques. I can say that this resentment clearing seemed to help – I felt stronger and had more energy. On my following gallbladder liver flush, I excreted more parasites and greenies than I had previously.


Emotional clearing of the gallbladder may sound a bit hokey. I absolutely agree. Had I not been forced into the experience by a chiropractor, I probably never would’ve tried it. Now, I am open to the possibility of organ-emotion connections. Heck, I’m open to the possibility of anything that can help me feel better!


My philosophy now is that emotional clearing can’t hurt. Worst case, I’ve spent some time, usually either with myself, a family member, or a friend. Time spent with people is never wasted. So I learned to do some basics of emotional clearing. I’m by no means an expert. If I have the gut feeling that it might help, I sometimes try. Below is a video where I demonstrate how I do emotional clearing at home. This particular friend of mine had a history of issues all up and down her gallbladder / liver meridian, including eye problems, knee problems, hip problems, broken foot, and a big infection in tooth #11. She also reported feeling better after the clearing. She worked on the tooth infection at the same time, so I can’t say that her healing came from the emotional clearing alone.


Is clearing emotions essential to gallstone treatment without surgery? Absolutely not. Can emotional clearing help stones come out in a gallbladder liver flush? Who knows. Emotional clearing is cheap, easy, and might help. So me? I’d give it a try.



Q: How long would you do the gallstone treatment without surgery above before considering surgery?

A: The body takes time to heal. It may take a few gallbladder liver flushes to get the stones out that are bothering the body. I would test and take an herbal stone breaker for at least a few weeks before the second flush. It will take at least a few months to clear a majority of parasites, and up to 2 years to fully clear the rest. I would do gallbladder massages until no difference is noticed if they are performed or not (you will probably notice a difference in how you feel the first few times at least!). I would do at least 3 gallbladder liver flushes spaced 3 months apart. So my final answer? I guess that adds up to at least a year, if not two.




[1] Dr. Stephen Gangemi, “Gallbladder Health Part II: Prevention and Natural Treatment of Gallbladder Problems, August 2012.
[2] Dr. Simon Yu MD, Accidental Cure, 2010.


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