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Debugging Symptoms & Figuring Out The Root Cause of Health Problems

Several doctors have reported that patients who are determined can get well on their own [1,2]. Dr. Kelly Turner recently did her PhD studying people who recover from terminal cancer without the help of conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine has failed [2]. Debug Your Health is an attempt to document not just what we have recovered on our own, but how we got there. ‘Getting there’ means figuring out the root cause of health problems. Many years and thousands of dollars were spent covering up symptoms before we finally found the root causes. This section is devoted to the questions ‘How did we figure out the root causes?’ The most important part of the ‘How’ answer is in our own heads. We have to believe that we can achieve radiant health. This belief means we don’t stop until we do.

Debugging State of Mind

Ideas of Where to Start & Symptoms List

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Debugging State of Mind

I never thought I could figure out my daughter’s health, let alone my own. Not in a million years. Yes, I have a PhD, but it’s in engineering not medicine. What do I know? It took several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars for us to realize that no practitioners could lead our daughter to health. She was still very sick. It was either give up on her or try to use our own brains. It was a very scary jump at first. We argued late into the night about prescribing our own children parasite medications, for example. Can we really treat phimosis with ozone? We were amazed at not only what we could figure out, but at the results we were getting. Little did we know that the skills we learned at our daughter’s expense would end up saving the rest of our lives later.


I finally came to a realization about health. We are the ones who really care if we feel better. We know the symptoms best. We usually even have some ideas about what could be wrong. The problem is, the same we often don’t think we can solve our own problems.


Several doctors have reported that patients who are determined can get well on their own [1], [2]. Dr. Kelly Turner recently did her PhD studying people who recover from terminal cancer without the help of conventional medicine, or after conventional medicine has failed [2]. Debug Your Health is an attempt to document not just what we have recovered on our own, but how we got there.



Ideas of Where to Start & Symptoms List

How does one start debugging their own health? How can you figure it out when practitioners can’t? Generalizing the strategy into a few steps:

  1. First, take a few educated guesses about what could be wrong. Base these guesses on the symptoms. Perhaps some online or library researching might help.
  2. Test a few products related to these guesses. The products could be homeopathics, foods, herbs, vitamins or RX medications. Anything that might be suggested to help with the guessed conditions. Things that are already on-hand are great.
  3. If any of the products are testing well, then deduce from that information which of the educated guesses might be right.

This strategy is kind of like guessing the solution first and then defining the problem. I wish there were a better way, but this is the best way I’ve found. The main trick in debugging is using the brain to think and never giving up. Constantly. The key is to keep thinking, brainstorming and testing.

This video describes the overall technique we’ve used to debug our health.

Below is an example video using these techniques.


I’m often asked where to start looking in order to debug various symptoms. These are often symptoms for which no diagnosis or solution has been found in the medical community. I’ve compiled a random, hodge-podge list of symptoms. In alphabetical order…


Athletes Foot, Toe FungusFor athletes foot, I scrub the bottom of the foot hard with a callus remover or foot rasp. Then I put tea tree oil in a spray bottle and spray it onto the bottom of the foot. I usually do this before bed so I don’t walk on the feet after I have sprayed, and first thing in the morning before I put my socks on. I do this twice a day and typically see resolution within 1 month.
For toenail fungus, I spray with tea tree oil twice a day. I usually see complete resolution within 3 months.
Colds & Viral ExposureOur favorite cold remedies are Xlear Nasal Spray, Gentle Warriors herbals and homeopathics. After years of testing and experimentation, it seems that no one remedy works best for all colds. The best I can do is offer up some example videos: Common Cold Treatment- Lingering Cold, Lyme Flare-Up and Common Cold, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease Exposure: Does she have it? One of our recent discoveries for wheezing and chest congestion that wouldn’t go away was to put Gentle Warriors Chest Relief into our nebulizer and inhale. We take 2g Vitamin C every day for general immune health. We also take 5kIUs Vit D3 in the winter months to help prevent colds.
CandidaCandida is a normal part of the gut flora. I do not believe you can ever get rid of it completely. I do believe that you can get rid of the symptoms by reducing the overpopulation of the yeast. Getting rid of symptoms means healing leaky gut, and eating an awesome diet. Some may also require chelation therapy.
EyesFor dry, itchy, painful eyes, I look first along the Gallbladder-Liver Meridian. It’s not an obvious first place to look, but I’ve found it can lead to the root cause of the problem. My first guess would be parasites. My second guess would be hidden dental infections in teeth #6, 11, 22, or 27. The third guess would be gallbladder stones. The latter implies energy testing rompe piedra or chanca piedra.
FibroidsI had uterine fibroids in my mid 20s that were the size of a 6 month pregnancy. Given the size, I had them removed via myomectomy. Before I did, though, I tried to figure out the root cause of the fibroids and to see if anything could be done to reverse them. I tried acupuncture, herbs, diet change (no dairy) and added yoga to my schedule. This combination together stopped the growth of the fibroids for a couple of years until I had the myomectomy. Dr. Susan Lark wrote a book about fibroids, and most of my diet ideas came from her. My surgeon told me that I would have about 10 years before the fibroids would grow back again to the same size. It has been 15 years and I don’t have a single fibroid (at least that’s what they said when I had my last child 5 years ago). My opinion? Dairy – the hormones in all the dairy I was eating caught up to my reproductive organs. I spent most of the years before I got fibroids as a lacto-vegetarian. Since then, I have learned a lot about the best diet for optimal health.
Headaches & MigrainesHeadaches are typically a detox or drainage problem. However, the root cause is likely more significant. For detox I would first test Activated Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Zeolite. If those don’t test well, then I would try a drainage remedy like Neural, Brain or Colon Terrains. An enema with the detox remedy that is testing well is the fastest way to clear a headache. As for the root causes of the headache, it could be almost anything. First I would research and find a good osteopath. The cranium is a 22-piece puzzle, and one of the pieces might be off. I would look next at dietary causes and leaky gut. Once those are dialed in, I would look for chronic ‘hidden’ infections, like dental, parasites, and lyme.
HemrroidsTest enzymes, either internally or topically. Enzyme ideas are Serrapeptase, Nattokinase, and LumbroKinase. Cowden Protocol: Which Enzymes to Take is an example of how we test enzymes.
Joint PainMy first guess would be Lyme disease. I would try energy testing on anti-microbial herbs like Banderol, or even on antibiotics if they are on hand. My second guess would be a mineral deficiency. For this guess, I would test on Biomins, MultiMins, and Fulvic Humic. The third guess would be diet. So energy test on sugar, dairy and carbohydrates to look for signs of weakness.
Mental HealthDiet is the first place I would start. The Grain Brain goes into the scientific details about the link between diet, the gut, and mental health. Research has also linked parasites, to mental health issues.
PANDASOur whole family has a PANDAS diagnosis. Our oldest child has it the worst, which I guess makes sense given that she has the largest heavy metal burden. Strep flares up while chelating, so I keep a close eye on drainage and detox remedies during that time. The main way we deal with strep is to focus on drainage and detox. I now believe that strep is a normal part of our flora. We spent a year trying to eradicate strep/PANDAS. We spent about $3k on a homeopathic remedy called Pleo Strep, using these Pleo Strep Instructions. Strep kept coming back every time we went off of the remedy. So, I don’t recommend using the remedy unless symptoms from Strep itself are really bad. The only way to keep strep under control is to change the ‘terrain.’ Changing the terrain means healing leaky gut, considering chelation therapy, and learn how to get rid of parasites.
Ringing in the ears, aka TinnitusMy first guess is a hidden dental cavitation infection. I would next guess that it is a cranial structural or orthodontic issue. The third idea is to study the tooth organ meridian chart. Perhaps there is an infection or structural issue with one of the organs or body parts along the ‘ear’ meridian.
Skin IssuesI notice skin issues the most when we are having trouble with drainage and detoxification. I test things like Activated Charcoal, DE, and Zeolite. I also look at drainage remedies, our favorites being the TerrainMax line and Energetix line. If the skin issues flare with either the full or new moon, then I would check for parasites.
SleepI do think there is something to sleep organ charts. When my liver flukes are flaring up, I tend to wake up at 2am. When my adrenals were fatigued, I had difficulty falling asleep between 9-11pm. Here is a brief summary of the organs and times:

• 9-11pm : Adrenals (affecting those that can’t fall asleep)

• 11-1am: Gallbladder (affects those that wake up after falling asleep)

• 1-3am: Liver – Look for parasites (most likely) or toxins.

• 3-5am: Lung – Look for parasites (yes, they can live in the lungs), viral or bacterial infections.

The other place I would search for sleep problems is an airway issue. An osteopath or oral myofascial therapist might be able to help. If the answer is no to any of the following questions, I would find an oral myofascial therapist: Is the resting position of the tongue on the roof of the mouth? Is the tongue still on the roof of the mouth while swallowing? Are the lips closed while breathing?

Stomach achesThese are the #2 most common symptom of Lyme disease, so I would try energy testing on Banderol or even antibiotics. Tummy Ache in Children – Lyme Flare-Up from Probiotic with FOS is an example video of debugging stomach aches. My next guess would be low stomach acid. I would try the stomach acid test and energy test on HCL and digestive enzymes. I would then go through the protocol for healing leaky gut. After all of this, I would look for a stomach virus, energy testing on Florastor. If any medications are being taken, I would energy test the dosage on those to see if one of them is upsetting the stomach.
Sweat, Lack ofLyme disease is notorious for going after the hypothalamus, so I would check for Lyme if sweating is an issue. The two things that helped us sweat again were:

1. A dessicated hypothalamus supplement

2. ‘Practicing’ sweating in the sauna, slowly building up our time

Tics The first guess would be a detoxification or drainage issue. Parasite infestation would be the second place to look.
TongueI am not a tongue-reading expert, but I can share the little I know and about the tongue. If I have symptoms, I will often check the tongue to see if it offers any clues. Variations in tongue (black, purple) I usually take as an indicator of drainage or support needed especially in the liver or kidneys. A white tongue sometimes can mean a yeast flare-up. In this case, eliminate all sugars and focus again on detoxification and drainage. Sometimes overall adrenal exhaustion can cause a white tongue for me, so I make sure I’ve dialed in my sleep, diet, and exercise.
Varicose veinsEnzymes may help, and I often try testing serrapeptase, nattokinase, lumbrokinase. Which Enzymes to take? is an example video of the testing strategy. A Babesia infection is also possible, so try testing Woodland Essence CSA or Cowden Protocol herbs. Varicose veins can sometimes be a symptom of copper deficiency. In this case, try a copper supplement or vitamin/mineral with copper.



More Example Videos of Debugging Symptoms

Here is a short list of some videos that demonstrate debugging techniques. These examples are mostly relevant to the symptom list above. There are many more specific video examples under the individual (longer!) topics on this site.





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[1] Strasheim, Connie, “Insights Into Lyme Disease Treatment: 13 Lyme-Literate Health Care Practitioners Share Their Healing Strategies”, 2009.

[2] Turner, Kelly Ph.D. “Radical Remission Surviving Cancer Against All Odds” September 2015.




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