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Unfortunately I respond to only about 20 percent of the email submitted on Debug Your Health. Because our time on this Earth is precious, please consider the following before contacting Debug Your Health.
This is not a typical ‘blog’

Things I generally respond to and am grateful for

Things I don’t respond to

Consulting / Private Health Coaching Requests
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This is not a typical ‘blog’

Debug Your Health does not make any money from ads, referral links, or the size of its mailing list.  Debug Your Health does not try to get clients, sell anything, or promote any products. Instead, Debug Your Health is a gift – a gift I wish someone had given to us many years ago.
Furthermore, I am not a blogger. I have a full time technology job, two elementary age kids, and cook real food for my family. I code, update, and maintain Debug Your Health by myself in my ‘free’ time. I am also doing some further research projects, and looking at possible grant applications.
Given all of this, it’s hopefully clear that there is no obvious motivation for me to respond to anything. I simply don’t have the time. Generally, requests and questions that are kind, thoughtful and further the content presented at Debug Your Health get a response.


Things I generally respond to and am grateful for:

  1. Typos, clarifications, and things that aren’t clear or complete. Please use the search feature first to make sure the topic isn’t covered already.
  2. Thoughtful questions that aren’t already covered on Debug Your Health. Again, please use the search button first!
  3. Success stories, new data, things that really helped that aren’t already covered on Debug Your Health.
  4. If you have found a faster, cheaper or better way to debug the root cause any of the health issues presented on this site. Please be specific and detailed about what is faster, cheaper or better about your solution.
  5. Topic suggestions for articles.
  6. Ideas for studies and research projects.
  7. Research partners – universities, companies or individuals interested in partnering on a research topic.
  8. Podcast, interview and guest article requests. I am happy to make time for guest articles and podcasts, although it might take me a while to schedule.
  9. Notes about which topic donations should be applied towards.

Due to volume of emails and my schedule, please allow 2 weeks for a response. (I try to get to all of them once a week, but it doesn’t always happen.)


Things I don’t respond to:

  1. Hate mail.
  2. Bait mail trying to get my email address.
  3. Lawsuit threats.
  4. Questions that are already answered on Debug Your Health. Use the search button at the top first!
  5. Long stories about your health asking what to do.
  6. Disagreements of opinion and saying I’ve got it all wrong. If you disagree with my opinions, great! Hopefully that means you’re thinking for yourself. If you have data and experiences to back up your opinions, even better. Your time is best spent publishing your own website to help other people.


Consulting / Private Health Coaching Requests

I have so many requests for personal help that I cannot realistically support them all.  This is why I finally created the website Debug Your Health.  Everything I know and have learned is on the website – for free! The content is constantly being updated as people ask for clarifications, ask questions, and ask for more information.
All of that said, I can understand the case where no practitioner has the answers, and lots of time and money have been wasted. I realize that some might be sick and desperate enough that they really, really want me to help debug their cases. In this case, I charge for my time, prorated, at a rate of $400/hour.  I have found that with lower rates, my time isn’t taken seriously and people don’t heal.
I take about 10 percent of the people who contact me for help as clients. I screen for clients who will not waste my time or theirs. Successful clients tend to have the following characteristics:

  1. A strong will to live.
  2. Self confidence to take control of their own health and healing.
  3. Practice gratitude.
  4. Have read relevant portions of this website. Several times.
  5. Have a list of specific questions or goals that they want to get out of health coaching.

See the section on Social and Emotional Aspects of Healing for more details on the above topics.
This service is under the auspices of Health Coaching, and the time can be used for whatever topics you think will be most helpful.  You will be required to sign legal forms stating that I know nothing and you release all liability claims before I can help.  I keep no health records and all information is confidential. Health Coaching is preferred in person in Sunnyvale, CA, but Skype is also OK.
Note that getting patients /clients is not the goal of Debug Your Health. The goal is to share free knowledge and continue researching and learning. My goal is not to become a practitioner, and I have no desire to head in this direction. I have a full time job in science and engineering. I offer this Health Coaching option only because I know what it’s like to be really sick and really desperate.
Remember, clients who succeed in Health Coaching tend to have similar characteristics. They have read the relevant sections of Debug Your Health at least twice, are organized with specific questions, have goals, and have the personal determination and grit to heal.
If you are still interested in private Health Coaching after reading all of this, please fill out the Contact Form with your reasons for requesting Coaching. If I think I can help, then I will send you legal documents as the next step. Please still allow 1 week for a response.

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