Bile Sludge Pictures

Bile Sludge Pictures

Bile “sludge” is bile thickened with calcium deposits and cholesterol crystals [1]. Most of us have it, never realize it, and never have problems. This pretty much describes our family. However, getting bile sludge out made us feel better. How? Hard to explain. It’s as if we lost a few pounds and had more energy.
Another good reason to get bile sludge out is that it can form into gallstones. Currently the medical community often recommends gallbladder removal for gallstones. Think twice, there is a lot at stake in gallbladder removal. Besides, it’s cheaper, easier, and faster to excrete stones and sludge at home.
So, how does one get the bile sludge out? A gallbladder liver flush. This is not as easy as it sounds. Bile thinning and stone breaker supplements are recommended to make it easier for the sludge to pass from the gallbladder and liver. Check out the section on gallbladder liver flush for more details. Dr. Simon Yu, MD recommends gallbladder liver flushes 4 times a year, even for healthy people!
All of these bile sludge (aka ‘”Greenies”) pictures were excreted by the adults in our family. Our children do not do gallbladder liver flushes.
Balls of bile sludge are sometimes called “Greenies.”
The consistency of the green “Greenies” is like a ball of fat.
The bile sludge balls that are gray or brown tend to be a bit harder on the outside. If they are cut in half or broken open, they are often green inside.


[1] Shaffer, EA. “Gallbladder sludge: what is its clinical significance?” Curr Gastroenterol Rep. Apr 3(2), pp. 166-73.


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